My name is Mojgan Razzaghi. I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran in 1974 and since 2011 I have lived in Germany in the beautiful Hofheim am Taunus.  I completed my Bachelor’s degree and graduated in Photography from Azad University Art & Architecture in Tehran (1995-1999). I am a member of the Hanauer Kulturverein and the Frankfurter Künstlergesellschaft.
(www.hanauerkulturverein.de) (www.frankfurter-kuenstlergesellschaft.de)

Since I was a university student until today, I have always been particularly interested in one topic, “WOMAN”. For me it was and is especially important to inform myself about all women’s issues and rights. I am not only interested in the women and culture in my country, but also in women all over the world with their different personal and social backgrounds. They have awakened my senses and they are indeed the seeds of my art.

A part of my thoughts as a woman always refers to how women are doing, women who are limited by different forms of society in different cultures. For many women all over the world, no matter which class they come from, there are many red lines and limitations. In fact, these problems, limitations and red lines that people create for each other cloud the lives of women. But despite all these limitations, women are still able to be creative, play musical instruments, sing, create and stand upright in everything. They also try to adapt to the spirit of the times. My photos are the results of thoughts, feelings and experiences from my life. Although in my works limiting frames, paradoxes, closed spaces and what should not be visible, they can be aesthetic at the same time. I am glad to have created them.

EXHIBITIONS (solo and groups):

  • June 2000: “Children of Sarasb”, Sahebqaraniyeh Palace, Tehran, Iran
  • June 2000: “Children of Sarasb”, House of Culture, Stockholm, Sweden
  • December 2004: “Exposure”, Alliance Française de Bangalore, India
  • March 2016: “Virginity”, Remise Gallery, Hanau, Germany
  • March 2017: “Women’s view on femininity”, Hanau, Germany
  • November 2017: “The children of Sarasb”, photo staircase 42, Hanau, Germany
  • December 2017: “YOU and HE – WHO are WE?”, Kunststation Kleinsassen, Germany
  • December 2017: “Assir”, Gallery 4, Tehran, Iran
  • March 2018: “Invisible” draw gallery, Hanau, Germany.
  • August 2018 “Frankfurter Künstlergesellschaft gegr. 1857- heute”, Bad Homburg, English Church, Germany
  • October 2018 “Fabulous-Reloaded”, Steinau, Germany
  • November 2018 “The Myth of Home”, Schlüchtern, Germany
  • May 2019 ” Bricklebrit! “, Steinau, Germany
  • 19 July 2019 “Inhabited by stories” Groß-Umstadt, Germany
  • September 1, 2019 “The Frankfurt Artists’ Association as Guest” Villa Winter in Kronberg, Germany
  • 27 September 2019 “The Frankfurt Artists’ Association Work in Progress” Columned Hall in Groß-Umstadt, Germany
  • 13 October 2019 “Verboten” Art Station Kleinsassen, Germany
  • 7 March 2020 “Forbidden” Remise Gallery, Hanauerkulturverein, Germany
  • Juli 2020 “ Lust Auf Kunst ? “ Kunststation Kleinsassen, Deutschland
  • Februar 2021 “Herkunft : Erde! “ https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/de/exhibition/4388499/herkunft-erde , Hanauer Kulturverein, Deutschland
  • September 2021 “Künstlerischer Leichtsinn“ Wetzlarer Stadtgalerie, Deutschland
  • September 2021 “Die Frankfurter Künstlergesellschaft zu Gast “ Museum Brüder Grimm-Haus, Steinau, Deutschland
  • May 2022 “ WIEDERSEHEN “ Kunstsammlungen der Stadt Limburg, Germany
  • March 2022 “  Contemporary “  in Museum Kronberger-Malerkolonie, Germany
  • April 2022 “ The adoration of the femininity “ Villa Sufia Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • July 2022 “ Verboten “ schloss königshain und schloss krobnitz, Görlitz, Germany
  • September 2022 “ HARMONIE UND DISSONANZ “ in Museum Brüder Grimm-Haus Steinau, Germany
  • November 2022 “Invisible“ Nayuta Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • December 2022 “ BLICKWECHSEL “ Kunststation Kleinsassen, Germany
  • May 2023 “das Kleine Format “ Damenbau, Germany

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